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Club news

17 Mar/2018
Sergei Kalinin is 27!Sergei Kalinin is 27!
12 Mar/2018
Vadim Shipachyov is 31!Vadim Shipachyov is 31!
12 Mar/2018
Happy birthday, Mikhail!Happy birthday, Mikhail!
10 Mar/2018
Sergei Shirokov is 32!Sergei Shirokov is 32!
8 Mar/2018
Happy International Women's Day!Happy International Women's Day!
6 Mar/2018
Vladimir Fedosov is 54 years old!Vladimir Fedosov is 54 years old!
3 Mar/2018
Happy birthday, Andrei!Happy birthday, Andrei!
28 Feb/2018
Nikolai Maneev is 83 years old!Nikolai Maneev is 83 years old!
24 Feb/2018
Georgy Poltavenko is 65 years old!Georgy Poltavenko is 65 years old!
23 Feb/2018
It's the Defender of the Fatherland Day!It's the Defender of the Fatherland Day!
21 Feb/2018
Igor Schurkov is 77 years old!Igor Schurkov is 77 years old!
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