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SKA - Dynamo Moscow. Press-conference of game four

Press-conferenceSergei ZubovPlayoffsSKA - Dynamo Msk - 130316
HC SKA press-service

HC Dynamo Moscow head coach Sergei Oreshkin:

- I will keep it short. We will analyse this game tomorrow. The series is 0:0, we will prepare for future games.

- Today, there was a feeling that your team didn't play that aggressively.

- The players wanted to play beautiful hockey. We have a tendency with penalties, and the same thing happened today. We were rather cautious.

- Only one SKA line is scoring against you. Can your players not deal with them?

- It's special teams, they have one player more. That's it.

- Have you not analysed that particular line?

- No.

HC SKA head coach Sergei Zubov:

- I will also be concise. The guys stuck to the game plan, and played from the first second to the last in all three periods. Thank you to the Ice Palace and Saint Petersburg for the support.

SKA - Dynamo Moscow. Press-conference of game four

- How did you manage to pick up the team after the previous game, and how important is it to go to Moscow with a series score of 2:2?

- We picked apart our mistakes, and tried to take the best of the series' first game to wipe out the feelings of the past two defeats. About the second question, the series is 0:0 and it's the first to two wins.

- Without Ilya Kovalchuk, you have won five matches and kept four shutouts. Is this a coincidence, or is Ilya an unlucky figure for the team?

- What are you talking about? I simply chose the optimal line-up for this game.

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