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Viktor Tikhonov: "We regrouped for the third period"

Viktor TikhonovAvangardSKA - Avangard - 110117
HC SKA press-service

- Was SKA's powerplay key?

- Personally, I think that it was more important that we regrouped for the third period. After we scored the fourth goal, we got a bit lost on the ice, we made mistakes and the opponents scored.

- Did the team get carried away trying to score more goals?

- Yes, we lost a bit of our discipline. It was obvious how everyone crashed the net, we didn't track back enough. In the second break, the coaches put us back in our place.

- Your line with Evgeny Ketov and Nikolai Prokhorkin is excellent.

- We're moving well, making spaces for each other and it's clear how we are all burning with desire. We understand each other well, this will help us for future games.

- How can you keep this mindset for the next match against Metallurg Novokuznetsk?

- Not long ago, we relaxed for four consecutive games. All of us know that this cannot happen again. We will have maximum focus.

Viktor Tikhonov: "We regrouped for the third period"

- It will take place on Friday 13th. Are you superstitious?

- Not in this instance.

- This was your first goal without fighting.

- Yes, usually I have either an assist or a fight. Today, it was something new for me. I think that it's down to Sergei Plotnikov, he gave me some new gloves after mine started to break. Straight afterwards, I scored. His magic worked!

- Does that mean you wanted to fight?

- Maybe.

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