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«SKA Star» №29.September
«SKA Star» №28.February


«SKA Star» №27.September


«SKA Star» №26.March


«SKA Star» №25.December


«SKA Star» №24.September

New issue of our magazine is devited to the start of new season.

- Alexei Kudashov speaks about the summer training camps;

- Dmitry Kagarlitsky: "Dad, let's play football!"

- Father of Vasily Podkolzin: "My son has matured, but he doesn't consider himself a star"

- Pre-season secrets from Sergei Bobrovsky.

Also, there are articles featured Lukas Bengtsson, Joonas Kemppainen, Magnus Hellberg, Alexander Barabanov, Vladimir Tkachyov and Jori Lehtera.

«SKA Star» №23.February

Playoffs 2018/19 edition.

«SKA Star» №22.December

Special edition for Hockey classic. Saint Petersburg 2018 games at Gazprom Arena football stadium!

«SKA Star» №21.August

- Ilya Vorobyov: "The leader of this team will be all of the players";

- Alexei Kudashov: "An ice hockey coach is like someone who designs sculptors";

- Alexei Byvaltsev and Oleg Li;

- Vyacheslav Bykov: "SKA's new players have arrived in Saint Petersburg with winning traditions."

Also, there is a guide to Peterhof from Alexander Barabanov, a SKA journey in Madagascar, song of the year from Alexander Dergachyov and much more!

«SKA Star» №20.November
  • Main figures in the magazine are Mikhail Maltsev and Andrei Altybarmakyan
  • SKA players in Olympic capitals
  • 10 years of SKA in the KHL. Records
  • Looking at SKA's Hockey City complex

Also featured: Ilya Kovalchuk's favourite film, Chicken with pasta for Nikita Gusev, New fan traditions and much more!

«SKA Star» №19.August
  • Alexander Barabanov: "My home city always helps me"
  • Main events of the new season
  • Physical Education lessons. One day at SKA's training camp
  • Guide to SKA's dressing room at Hockey City

Also featured: SKA's new players, Harijs Vitolins speaks about coaching, the Gagarin Cup's summer holidays, Sergei Fedotov's expert opinion and much more!

«SKA Star» №18.May

In this edition you can read about SKA's long road to KHL glory and find out some interesting stories from the Gagarin Cup playoffs.

«SKA Star» №17.February
  • Interview with coach Harijs Vitolins
  • SKA's young generation: Alexander Barabanov, Alexander Dergachyov, Yegor Rykov
  • Pavel Datsyuk versus Ilya Kovalchuk
  • Roman Shirokov: "I will be happy to wear Sergei Shirokov's jersey"

Also, there are features covering SKA's top ten achievements, regular season records, SKA's plane journeys and much more!

«SKA Star» №16.December

This edition of the SKA's Star magazine will feature articles about the club's 70 year history, recalling some of the greatest moments.

«SKA Star» №15.August

  • Pavel Datsyuk: "I am still improving"
  • SKA's 70th anniversary
  • Nikolai Prokhorkin against Alexander Khokhlachyov
  • Stories about each of SKA's season opponents

Also, we speak about ice hockey during the off-season, Harijs Vitolins gives an interesting interview, photos from the summer and Alexander Barabanov shares his impressions from his time with the Russian Olympic team.

«SKA Star» №14.June
  • Sergei Zubov: "We are ready for a tough fight in the playoffs"
  • Dmitry Malikov: "Until tomorrow!"
  • Sergei Shirokov versus Pavel Buchnevich
  • Evgeny Ketov versus Steve Moses

Also, we speak about SKA veterans, commentator Yury Rozanov has his say on the beauty of ice hockey, and how SKA got on during the 2015/2016 KHL regular season.

«SKA Star» №13.June
  • Vyacheslav Voynov: "I missed one year!"
  • Sergei Zubov: 'Russia should not be in second place"
  • Svetlana Burdasova: "I skated inside the Ice Palace, and I was scared!"
  • Firehorse: "They won't trade me even for Sidney Crosby!"

We also talk about SKA's 1987 American tour, the most unusual ice hockey arenas, Teemu Selanne has his say, and SKA Sisters give you some eye candy.

«SKA Star» №12.June
  • Gennady Timchenko: "Everybody is ready for the fight"
  • Andrei Nazarov: "It's impossible to hide emotions"
  • Vyacheslav Petkun about the Champions parade

    Read about what the Gagarin Cup did during the summer, SKA Sisters at the boxing ring and myths about Ilya Kovalchuk.
  • «SKA Star» №11.June

    - Roman Rotenberg: "The Gagarin Cup victory is very important for the club's development"

    - Alexander Medvedev: "Our team became one family"

    - Vladislav Radimov: "SKA are always in first place"

    Also there is a chornicle look at how the Gagarin Cup was taken, secrets of the Gagarin Cup, and a women's look at the playoffs.

    «SKA Star» №10.August
    • Artemiy Panarin, Vadim Shipachyov, Yevgeni Dadonov: "The main thing in the playoffs is to win!"
    • Roman Rotenberg: "This current SKA club is one big family"
    • Vyacheslav Bykov: "I want us to score one more goal than the opponents"

    Also featured: How our Finnish wall and Russian Canadian can keep the net clean in the playoffs, SKA Sisters take to the ice, experience one day in the team's life, and Jimmie Ericsson gives an interview.

    «SKA Star» №9.June
    • Anton Belov: "The team is a second family for me"
    • Roman Rotenberg: "Fans play a big role in our success"
    • Vyacheslav Bykov: "We are working to create a winning mentality"
    • Alexander Kerzhakov: "I always score in hockey"

    Read features about new players, epic SKA fights, Ilya Kovalchuk's destiny, Boris Mikhailov, Yevgeni Ketov's family model, Svetlana Kuznetsova, The First Line project, one day in the Ice Palace's life and much more!

    «SKA Star» №8.September
    • Vyacheslav Bykov: "We are one team"
    • Roman Rotenberg: "Oiur ideology hasn't changed: we play for Saint Petersburg"
    • Sergey Zubov: "We are here to win the Gagarin Cup"
    • Vasily Gerello: "It's hard not to cheer loudly at games"

    Read about the top ten season events, get acquainted with new players, read some great quotes about hockey, take a peek at Viktor Tikhonov's diary from Minsk, secrets of hockey broadcasting and much more!

    «SKA Star» №7.August
    • Alexey Kasatonov: "The team must be together at the Olympic Games
    • Pavel Bure: "Olympic gold and the Stanley Cup are precious to me"
    • Jukka Jalonen: "If there's a final game between Russia and Finland, I will fly to Sochi!"

    Also featured: favourites and underdogs of the Olympics, amazing facts of the Winter Games and Ilya Kovalchuk versus Roman Cervenka!

    «SKA Star» №6.August
    • Artemiy Panarin: "I will never forget where I come from"
    • Yevgenia Tikhonova: "I became a brighter person after meeting Viktor"
    • Jukka Jalonen: "We are all SKA together"
    • Roman Rotenberg: "Every home game is a show"

    Also read about the world's highest ice hockey rink, Maxim Sushinsky's and Alexey Yashin's farewell games, travel to Perm with Evgeny Ketov and find out Igor Makarov's personal ice hockey secrets.

    «SKA Star» №5.May
    • Roman Cervenka: "I came to score"
    • Vyacheslav Fetisov: "Saint Petersburg is one of the main hockey cities in the world"
    • Jukka Jalonen: "We'll play more aggressively"

    Read about SKA Sisters' summer, Alexander Salak and Czech beer and an interview with Lyubov Kovalchuk!

    «SKA Star» №4.May
    • Viktor Tikhonov: "Because I'm Tikhonov"
    • Jukka Jalonen: "The new season will be a bit easier for me"
    • Roman Rotenberg: "SKA has two years compared to the NHL's 100"

    Also featured: main statistics of the season, hockey myths with Patrick Thoresen and SKA on Instagram!

    «SKA Star» №3.May
    • Jukka Jalonen: "SKA is the strongest club in my career"
    • Roman Rotenberg: "We've beaten all the records in the KHL regular season"
    • Viktor Tikhonov: "I'm ready to play drums in Urgant's band"

    Take a trip with Tony Martensson, learn secrets about goalkeepers' masks and meet some new SKA players.

    «SKA Star» №2.May
    • Ilya Kovalchuk: "I want to spend the entire season in Russia"
    • Mikhail Kravets: "In America, I fought in every game"
    • Roman Rotenberg: Fans support SKA all over Russia"
    • Valeri Kamensky: "The NHL could learn from SKA"
    • Alexei Kasatonov: "We are our own main competitors"

    Defenseman Alexei Semyonov shares his ice hockey tricks of the trade and Gleb Klimenko shows his kind side!

    «SKA Star» №1.May
    • Gennady Timchenko: "SKA will have its hockey home"
    • Ilya Ezhov: "I've been waiting three years to get a chance in SKA"
    • Roman Rotenberg: "We are preparing lots of surprises for our fans"
    • Fyodor Emelyanenko: "You should always fight until the very last second"
    • Alexey Kasatonov: "We want to win as a team"

    Elena Dementyeva gives her female opinion about ice hockey, and discover the full calendar for the upcoming KHL season!

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