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15 May/2022
Valentin Zykov is 27!Valentin Zykov is 27!
11 May/2022
We congratulate Mikhail Pashnin!We congratulate Mikhail Pashnin!
9 May/2022
SKA-Strelna have won the U16 Russian championship!SKA-Strelna have won the U16 Russian championship!
9 May/2022
Emil Galimov is 30!Emil Galimov is 30!
9 May/2022
It's Victory Day!It's Victory Day!
5 May/2022
Nikita Sedov is 21!Nikita Sedov is 21!
1 May/2022
Happy birthday, Georgy!Happy birthday, Georgy!
25 Apr/2022
SKA-1946 have won the MHL Kharlamov Cup!SKA-1946 have won the MHL Kharlamov Cup!
25 Apr/2022
We congratulate Vladislav Tretiak!We congratulate Vladislav Tretiak!
19 Apr/2022
Pyotr Andreev is 75!Pyotr Andreev is 75!
12 Apr/2022
We congratulate Lars Johansson!We congratulate Lars Johansson!
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