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9 May/2019
It's Victory Day!It's Victory Day!
7 Apr/2019
Roman Rotenberg is 38!Roman Rotenberg is 38!
8 Mar/2019
Happy International Women's Day!Happy International Women's Day!
28 Feb/2019
Oleg Li is 28!Oleg Li is 28!
17 Feb/2019
Vladislav Syomin is 21!Vladislav Syomin is 21!
11 Feb/2019
Stanislav Litovko is 84!Stanislav Litovko is 84!
11 Feb/2019
Ilya Gorbushin is 42!Ilya Gorbushin is 42!
10 Feb/2019
Marko Torenius is 42!Marko Torenius is 42!
4 Feb/2019
Andrei Kuzmenko is 23!Andrei Kuzmenko is 23!
1 Feb/2019
We congratulate Sergei Bobrov!We congratulate Sergei Bobrov!
31 Jan/2019
Alexei Miller is 57!Alexei Miller is 57!
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