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6 Jan/2021
Yury Zhdanov is 60!Yury Zhdanov is 60!
5 Jan/2021
Happy birthday, Dinar!Happy birthday, Dinar!
31 Dec/2020
Happy New Year!Happy New Year!
28 Dec/2020
Yaroslav Dyblenko is 27!Yaroslav Dyblenko is 27!
22 Dec/2020
SKA is 74!SKA is 74!
14 Dec/2020
Happy birthday, Maxim!Happy birthday, Maxim!
13 Dec/2020
Alexander Dyukov is 53!Alexander Dyukov is 53!
6 Dec/2020
Viktor Antipin is 28!Viktor Antipin is 28!
9 Nov/2020
Gennady Timchenko is 68!Gennady Timchenko is 68!
30 Oct/2020
Sergei Cherkas is 63!Sergei Cherkas is 63!
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