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12 Apr/2021
SKA - CSKA. Game six. Press-conferenceSKA - CSKA. Game six. Press-conference
10 Apr/2021
Game five. CSKA - SKA. Press-conferenceGame five. CSKA - SKA. Press-conference
8 Apr/2021
Game four. SKA - CSKA. Press-conferenceGame four. SKA - CSKA. Press-conference
6 Apr/2021
SKA - CSKA. Game three. Press-conferenceSKA - CSKA. Game three. Press-conference
4 Apr/2021
Game two. CSKA - SKA. Press-conferenceGame two. CSKA - SKA. Press-conference
2 Apr/2021
CSKA - SKA. Game one. Press-conferenceCSKA - SKA. Game one. Press-conference
26 Mar/2021
Game five. SKA - Dynamo Moscow. Press-conferenceGame five. SKA - Dynamo Moscow. Press-conference
24 Mar/2021
Game four. Dynamo Moscow - SKA. Press-conferenceGame four. Dynamo Moscow - SKA. Press-conference
22 Mar/2021
Game three. Dynamo Moscow - SKA. Press-conferenceGame three. Dynamo Moscow - SKA. Press-conference
20 Mar/2021
Game two. SKA - Dynamo Moscow. Press-conferenceGame two. SKA - Dynamo Moscow. Press-conference
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