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Ak Bars - SKA. Press-conference

Ak BarsPress-conferenceValery BraginAk Bars - SKA - 060920
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA head coach Valery Bragin:

- It was a good match, Ak Bars competed with aggression and we tried to do the same. The cost of a mistake is very high in such games. I don't have any problems with the commitment, everyone tried hard, but mistakes resulted in conceded goals. We lost the puck a lot and made technical errors.

- SKA are missing a lot of opportunities.

- We are lacking calmness when presented with chances to score. Sometimes we need more physicality too.

- Changes were made to the lines during the game.

- We needed to make a comeback, so we made these alterations. Evgeny Ketov? He has an injury. We will see how he feels for the upcoming matches.

- Alexander Samonov is your starting goalkeeper at the moment.

- We have two strong goalkeepers. We will think before the next game.

Ak Bars - SKA. Press-conference

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