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Media accreditation for the SKA - CSKA match on December 19

HC SKA press-service

Dear media representatives!

In order to attend the SKA - CSKA match on December 19 (20:00) at the Gazprom Arena, an additional accreditation is required.

Those who already possess 2019/2020 KHL accreditation can receive the additional accreditation for the stipulated category simply by displaying the KHL accreditation at the second pavilion located at the start of the Batareynaya Road.

Media representatives without 2019/2020 KHL season accreditation must apply for Russian Classic accreditation on the KHL media portal before 23:59 on December 18. The amount of these accreditations is limited.

The distribution of media accreditation for the SKA - CSKA match will begin at 17:30 and finish at 20:20. KHL season accreditation or the confirmation of the successful accreditation application must be shown.

In order to receive a special car pass, an email must be sent to before 23:59 on December 18 with the full name, company name and car registration number. The pass must then be printed and displayed inside the car. The amount of these passes is limited.

Media accreditation for the SKA - CSKA match on December 19

The 1A entrance is for the press at the Gazprom Arena.

For photographers and broadcasting groups with car passes, an entrance will be open at Yuzhniy KPP for the P22 car park. The gate is no. 14.

For photographers and broadcasting groups entering through the 1A entrance, there is a tunnel between sectors C and D.

All media zones are located in sector A, the western side of the stadium. Entrance for media representatives is on the third level (there is a 'Press Entrance' notice). You can then take the lift to the fifth floor (press-centre, press stands, press bar) or to the first floor for the photography zone.

The press-conference hall and mixed-zone are both located on the first floor. There will be notices on where to go.

There are extra photo and video spaces around the perimeter of the ice rink.

The way to the stylobate at the A107 stand can be accessed through the press entrance on the third level of the stadium.

Starting from 17:30, there will be press shuttles to the stadium from meeting point of the Ryukhin Street and North Road. It is required to show your KHL season accreditation or journalist documents.

Media representatives wishing to attend the SKA morning training at 11:00 on December 19 can receive their accreditation from the accreditation centre from 10:00. That same accreditation card will also be valid for the match itself later on in the day.

Location of the Accreditation Centre

How to reach the Gazprom Arena

Media shuttles

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