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Alexander Barabanov: "We need to forget what happened today"

Alexander BarabanovSKA - Lokomotiv - 101015
HC SKA press-service

- Why did the team not even score one goal?

- We needed to block the goaltender's view more, and play on the crease more often. We didn't fulfill the coach's game plan to the full, and played poorly on rebounds. If we would have played better on the slot, the goals would have come.

- What was the game plan?

- Play solidly in defence, shoot a lot and block the goalkeeper's view of the puck.

- Does losing not scoring any goals put more pressure on for the next fixture?

- It's bad that we couldn't score any goals, but in hockey there are a lot of matches and we need to forget what happened today. Now we have to prepare for the next game.

- Alexey Murygin has already kept a lot of shutouts this season. Was he great today, or did SKA play poorly in attack?

- A bit of both. Their goaltender played well, but we could have performed better.

- Do you agree with Anton Belov's point of view that SKA can't find their game?

- Maybe. If we work harder at training, everything will come into place.

Alexander Barabanov: "We need to forget what happened today"

- In what style of hockey does SKA want to play in?

- We need to play well both in defence and attack. If we manage to do that, good combination plays and goals will come.

- You are playing for both SKA and SKA-Neva at the moment. Does that increase the pressure on you?

- No, for me it's only a good thing.

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