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Alexander Barabanov: "We were focused on beating Avtomobilist"

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HC SKA press-service

- Congratulations with the victory. How do you feel?

- After scoring twice on the powerplay, everything started to go our way. We took advantage of our goalscoring chances.

- Are you disappointed to have not sealed your hat trick?

- I will work over this. That's all I can say.

- How would you sum up Mikhail Maltsev's performance?

- He played great today. He didn't get lost on the ice, he fought for the puck and kept possession. He did everything a young player should.

- Which of your two goals did you like the best?

- Both of them.

- Did you have special motivation for the match against Avtomobilist?

- Yes, we were really pumped up. We're focused for every game, but we had lost to this team two years in a row.

- How did you manage to win?

- We used our opportunities, and Mikko Koskinen played well.

Alexander Barabanov: "We were focused on beating Avtomobilist"

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