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Alexander Barabanov: "We tried to enjoy the match"

Alexander BarabanovSeverstalSKA - Severstal - 110219
HC SKA press-service

- Are you happy with the performance?

- It was bad to concede a goal, however we got into the game and began to play our style of ice hockey. It's great that we managed to score beautiful goals.

- Today, you and Andrei Kuzmenko competed in two different lines.

- Yes, today I was with Nikita Gusev and Jarno Koskiranta. It's not a secret that Nikita is the best forward in the KHL, so it was easy to play with him. You find space in open ice and you know that you will be dished a pass.

- How did you make that wonderful pass for Jarno Koskiranta's goal?

- I saw that he was open and I made a pass. It's that simple.

- Preparations for HC Spartak Moscow?

- We had a tough mini training camp and it was difficult to play today. I think that there will be a some discomfort in the upcoming matches. Nevertheless, it terms of our physical conditioning, this will help us. The Gagarin Cup playoffs are coming.

- Is it good to play against teams fighting for something? Severstal want to stay in the KHL and Spartak are fighting for a higher place in the Western Conference.

- Yes, I think it will be a physical match against Severstal.

Alexander Barabanov: "We tried to enjoy the match"

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