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Alexander Barabanov: "We will take revenge in Saint Petersburg"

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- Is it disappointing to lose such a match?

- Of course. We fought hard in the first two periods, but we took too many penalties in the third.

- What happened in the third frame? Friendly games don't always turn into such battles.

- Our penalties runied the game.

- Speak about your goal: how did Yegor Rykov become the furthest forward?

- We made a good play at neutral ice, Viktor Tikhonov pushed his player off the puck, Yegor picked up possession, found me, and I scored.

- After this game, will the fixture at the Nikolai Puchkov tournament be even more important?

- Yes, we will take revenge.

- Has the team recovered physically after the tough training camp in Novogorsk?

- Slowly we are feeling looser, trainings are faster now.

Alexander Barabanov: "We will take revenge in Saint Petersburg"

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