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Alexander Dergachyov: "We need to play our style of ice hockey"

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- Has the battle been lost, but not the war?

- Yes, there's nothing else to add.

- What happened after the positive start?

- During the first 10 minutes, Spartak didn't have any shots on goal. I didn't seen the conceded goals as I was on the bench. These things happen.

- SKA simply couldn't force the puck over the line.

- The goalkeeper was on top form and luck was on their side. We hit the post and the puck rolled in the wrong direction from our point of view. It was difficult to score, but we will do this in the next match.

- Do SKA need to forget what happened and start from a clean slate?

- Yes, we need to forget about this match, we don't have any time to think about today's game. We will analyse our mistakes, draw conclusions and have a clear head for the next match.

- You were very aggressive on the ice. Was this simply your emotions or a task given to you by the coaches?

- This is the playoffs. We want to win. All teams compete in an aggressive manner, and everyone wants to score and win.

- Do you feel fine physically?

- Yes.

- Did Spartak play their style of ice hockey?

- Yes, and we played accordingly to their tactics. We need to play our style of ice hockey, to compete with more aggression and apply the pressure.

Alexander Dergachyov: "We need to play our style of ice hockey"

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