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Alexander Dergachyov: "All goals are worth their weight in gold"

Dynamo MoscowAlexander DergachyovSKA - Dynamo Moscow - 170119
HC SKA press-service

- How can you summarise the first period?

- During the opening stages, it was a rather messy game, there were a lot of misplaced passes and the teams simply dumped the puck into the opposing zone. However, after that, we both warmed into proceedings and the ice hockey changed.

- They often say that goals scored just before a break are crucial psychologically. Was that the case for SKA's opener?

- Yes. At the moment, all goals are worth their weight in gold, and it doesn't matter who scores them. We received a lot of emotions from that goal.

- What task did you have playing in the first line?

- I think that everyone knows what my line's task was today. We played against certain Dynamo Moscow lines, tried to compete in a physical manner and not allow them to control the puck.

- Is it a solid result beating Dynamo Moscow in all four 2018/2019 KHL regular season games?

- Yes, this is a good result. Dynamo are serious opponents. Everyone's forgotten about their poor start and they have gained traction.

- You don't seem too happy. Why?

- Everything's fine, I'm just answering your questions seriously.

Alexander Dergachyov: "All goals are worth their weight in gold"

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