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Alexander Dergachyov: "I didn't see what happened in the first shift"

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- Today was one of the deciding games.

- It was one of the biggest matches in the series, yes. The deciding game will be when we get the final victory.

- Why did Metallurg score so early on?

- If I am honest, I was on the bench getting pumped for the game when they scored. I didn't even see what happened.

- Did their goal help your mind set for the match?

- Yes, we knew that we had to play well.

- Tactically, were things changed up?

- It was the first shift, so not really.

- The differences between this game and the previous fixtures?

- There weren't many. They play their style of ice hockey. Let's see what happens in the next game.

Alexander Dergachyov: "I didn't see what happened in the first shift"

- In the first period, SKA had a huge shot advantage. Was this part of the game plan?

- All of us have lots of energy before the match starts. After the break, the tempo is lowered slightly. At faceoffs, players are constantly changed, I think that this puts us off a bit. Overall, we are trying to shoot more.

- Do you now feel that your are playing in the KHL Gagarin Cup final?

- Maybe after the series I will realise what has happened.

- Are you prepared to fight?

- All of our team are.

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