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Alexander Samonov: "It was important to start with a victory"

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HC SKA goalkeeper Alexander Samonov:

- I hadn't played for a long time, so it was important to play well and start with a victory. We will improve with every passing match.

- As a goalkeeper, is it easier to start with a lot of shots or a small amount?

- There isn't any difference, the main thing was to win. I will be prepared for any possible situation.

- How did you prepare physically?

- I have been training both on and off the ice. The only thing which I missed was game time.

- Did Barys play in a different manner in comparison to the previous opponent?

- Yes, they made good attacking plays, skating a lot. Are they the most physical team we have faced in our most recent five matches? Opponents always want to play at their best against us. As you saw, there were some fights on the ice. I tried to focus on my job.

Alexander Samonov: "It was important to start with a victory"

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