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Alexander Samonov and Stepan Starkov speak after beating Salavat Yulaev

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA goalkeeper Alexander Samonov:

- We knew that Salavat would start well. At home they always like to apply pressure on opponents right from the start, they are a good team. We couldn't keep them at bay. Nevertheless, we made our mark on the match after that. Yes, we took too many penalties, but we held on and managed to win. We'll fly home in a positive mood.

- SKA have a lot of goalkeepers. How are you managing to keep in shape?

- At the moment, I'm taking it in turns with Magnus Hellberg. The main thing is to play well when I have the opportunity.

- The two matches against Salavat Yulaev Ufa were very similar. Why?

- Both SKA and Salavat have high-quality players who can score goals. The games were both tense, but there aren't any weak teams in the KHL anyway. The standings are tight both in the Western and Eastern conferences.

- Did you know how Salavat's players were going to shoot on penalties?

- I was given some tips, but overall I knew their style.

HC SKA forward Stepan Starkov:

- I agree with Alexander, it was a great match. We struggled at the start, but we subsequently improved and earned the victory.

- Just like in Saint Petersburg, SKA made a comeback from two goals down and eventually emerged victorious.

- It was fair that we won. However, we don't want to start every game like this. I think that we will improve this aspect.

- What did you focus on when studying Salavat Yulaev?

- We focused on their aggressive style in the first period of matches and how they like to get the puck to the crease. Unfortunately, we weren't quite ready for their fast start today.

- There were a lot of Salavat and SKA fans inside the Ufa Arena today. Is it difficult to play when on the road with such loud supporters?

- No, it's not difficult, it is always great to play with plenty of noisy fans at the stadium.

Alexander Samonov and Stepan Starkov speak after beating Salavat Yulaev

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