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Alexei Byvaltsev: "We will try to make the fans happy"

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- The pre-season is approaching its climax. How has it been?

- Pre-season is always tough. We've worked well both on the ice and in the gym, and we trained two times a day. At the friendly tournament in Sochi, I think that we performed well. In Finland, we also trained twice every day and we competed in a match against Jokerit. Now, we're preparing for the home tournament, we want to win.

- How do you feel physically?

- Everything's fine, although you always want to improve. We won in Sochi so things must be ok. We'll see on September 1, on that day we have to be 100% ready.

- Since becoming a SKA player, how have you settled in?

- I settled in straight away. The guys helped me, there weren't any problems.

- Has the pre-season been the same as in Khabarovsk?

- There are differences of course.

- What would you like to say to SKA fans before the start of the season?

- The main thing is that they came to support us. The stadium is always full in Saint Petersburg, it's nice playing here. Support the team and we will do our best to make you happy."

Alexei Byvaltsev: "We will try to make the fans happy"

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