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Alexei Kudashov speaks at SKA's open training

Open trainingAlexei Kudashov
HC SKA press-service

- How is the recovery process going for the young players?

- At the moment, they're not training, their serious injuries weren't received that long ago. Soon, we will be able to tell when they'll return.

- Do SKA have a problem concerning the lack of healthy defensemen?

- We will take a lot every day to see how the injured players are recovering, and if they won't be ready, we will give the younger guys a chance.

- How can this open air training help the team?

- This is a serious training in extreme conditions, it's no coincedence that the players are in these clothes, and our roots are from the Russian Army.

- How did you enjoy playing bandy?

- There is a lot of skating involved so we chose this sport.

- What are SKA's targets ahead of the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs?

- First of all, we are preparing for the playoffs. No one is getting rid of the responsibility which we have for achieving the right results in the regular season, however we are in a preparation stage.

- Why didn't SKA score in the last two matches?

- There is an understanding why that happened, however that will stay within the group. We will try to correct our mistakes.

Alexei Kudashov speaks at SKA's open training

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