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Alexei Kudashov: "We need to take it to the end"

PlayoffsAlexei Kudashov
HC SKA press-service

- How has the working scheme changed?

- The players are training and keeping themselves in shape. We're waiting for the decision from the KHL.

- What is your training format at this moment in time?

- The season hasn't been cancelled, everyone understands that. We are training well. While there aren't any signals from the league, we will continue working. All of our players know what they are training for.

- How has the training process changed?

- We don't know exactly when the matches will resume again, so we are holding training sessions which keep the players in shape. The process has changed.

- Has life changed for you?

- It's calmer at the moment with no games, we aren't feeling the nerves which we have during matches. Overall, it is good that we have the opportunity to train, talk and do what we love doing.

- Has your family changed anything in particular?

- I think that the whole world is now a lot more careful. You need to wash your hands, keep away from other people and not make any close contact.

- The 2020 IIHF World Championship has been cancelled. Would it be the correct thing to do to wait for the opportunity to complete the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs?

- We need to take it to the end.

Alexei Kudashov: "We need to take it to the end"

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