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Alexei Melnichuk speaks about his KHL debut

UgraUgra - SKA - 230917Alexei Melnichuk
HC SKA press-service

- Congratulations on your KHL debut.

- It was the first time I was included in the game roster, but I was given the opportunity to play. Thanks to the coaches for trusting me. My teammates helped me too.

- Ugra tested your reactions on a few occasions.

- Yes, but the guys tried to help me by making sure that I could see shots clearly. Everything was fine.

- Do you feel that you have made your debut?

- Well, I only played seven minutes. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the coaches' trust. When I made my appearance, we were already winning by seven goals. The team knew that it was my first game, so everyone tried to help me. I wasn't nervous.

- Were you not worried that the team would be too relaxed?

- No, it helped me that we were winning by seven goals. It would have been a different story had the score only been 2:1.

Alexei Melnichuk speaks about his KHL debut

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