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Alexey Ponikarovsky: "We need to sort out our issues"

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- Slovan can't move up from last place, just like we are stuck in second. Will the match be like a friendly as a result of this?

- No, I don't think so, we need to sort out our issues. We lost the last game. In attack we need to play better, as with Dinamo we scored seven before not hitting one against Atlant. We need to work over our tactics, our games, and improve what we need to for the playoffs.

- Was this regular season a good one? Or could have it gone better?

- You always want more, we wanted to be in first position. During the middle of the season we went through a poor run, and lost a lot. It's not that important now though - we're going into the playoffs. This is the most important part of the whole season.

- How is the team feeling? Is everyone ready?

- I think that we are all ready except for our injured players. They are in Saint Petersburg, but as far as I know they are working too and should be available for the playoffs. We are ready to fight - we know what we are playing for.

- What does this team have that will allow it to compete for the Gagarin Cup?

- We have four equal lines, and there is no doubt that we have enough skill to score. We have to do what the coaches tell us to, and we defending clear the puck. Everything will be counted for in the playoffs, and you might pay for any mistake.

Alexey Ponikarovsky: "We need to sort out our issues"

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