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Alexey Ponikarovsky: "It was good to meet up with the guys again"

HC SKA press-service

- Have you managed to get back into the training routine again?

- We're working over this. The main thing is to get our functional and physical state back up to the needed level, and so far only the first week has gone by.

- The players are skating around the ice with special heavy packs on them. Are you not worried about doing that yourself?

- No, if I was scared about doing that then I should just leave the ice. Such exercises are normal when preparing for the season.

- How have the first few training sessions been?

- It's always nice to meet up with the guys again after the summer, and it was good to share some of our stories. Right now we're enjoying the training process together.

- How would you rate the team's physical shape?

- It's hard to give it a rating. I can say that everyone is giving their all though, so that we can be as ready for the season as we can. We'll keep on working.

- Is it interesting working with a new coach?

- Everything is new - both our exercises and tactics. It's interesting of course, and we simply have to do what the coach wants us to.

Alexey Ponikarovsky: "It was good to meet up with the guys again"

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