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Amur - SKA. Match facts

Alexander BarabanovSergei PlotnikovAmurArtyom ZemchyonokAmur - SKA - 271218
HC SKA press-service

SKA competed in the club's 300th KHL regular season away match. So far, the players have registered 193 victories with a positive goal difference of +305 (984-679).

In 21 KHL matches between SKA and Amur, SKA have claimed 20 victories. Overall, in 45 Russian championship games, SKA possess 30 wins.

Forward Sergei Plotnikov competed in his 500th KHL match, and so far, he boasts 265 (115+150) points. 101 (41+60) have been tallied in 168 SKA appearances.

In 39 matches of the 2018/2019 KHL season, Alexander Barabanov already has 30 (10+20) points, which is a new personal record. His previous personal best was 29 (15+14) points in the 2016/2017 campaign (72 matches combined in the regular season and KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs).

Defenseman Artyom Zemchyonok scored his first SKA goal in his 18th KHL match for our club.

Amur - SKA. Match facts

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