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Andrei Kozyrev speaks about defeating Lokomotiv in Sochi

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SKA coach Andrei Kozyrev:

- We undertook a lot of hard work in Novogorsk, it was interesting to see how the guys felt during the match. Yes, it was a good game, but we know that the next one will be tougher.

- Did Emil Galimov plan to make a pass to Linden Vey with his leg?

- No, that was his initiative at that moment in the game, we only have such skilled, creative players in our team. We want to play aggressive, fast and modern ice hockey. This moment was his improvisation.

- SKA didn't take a single penalty?

- This is down to our good physical condition. The guys were mobile, always catching up with Lokomotiv's players. They didn't lose the one-on-one battles and this is why there weren't any penalties.

- How do you feel about playing against Lokomotiv Yaroslavl three times here?

- It's great, Lokomotiv have a good, organised team. We're happy to play against them.

Andrei Kozyrev speaks about defeating Lokomotiv in Sochi

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