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Andrei Kozyrev: "Games against Torpedo are always difficult"

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SKA coach Andrei Kozyrev:

- This is a good victory for us. Games against Torpedo are always difficult, they have a good, mobile team. I am happy for our win and the performance of our young players. Yaroslav Askarov produced a great performance, just like the debutants. Nikita Zorkin was excellent, even if he did take a penalty at the start of the match. I would like to point out Vladislav Tsitsyura, he is a new player from our system. The team was united in the fight.

- Did you have contact with Valery Bragin during the match?

- Yes, we were constantly speaking.

- What is the matter with him?

- He has a cold, so we decided to not take any chances. Normally, you wouldn't pay attention to these things, but this time we decided to give Valery a rest.

- Is it the same situation with Linden Vey? Emil Galimov missed the second consecutive game.

- Emil has appendicitis. Linden is injured.

- When will Valery Bragin return to the bench?

- This is a question for our doctors, not me. I think that he will be back very soon.

Andrei Kozyrev: "Games against Torpedo are always difficult"

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