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Andrei Kozyrev speaks before playing against Avangard

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HC SKA press-service

- How would you rate Avangard's performances this season?

- They have a very good team which is leading in the KHL Eastern Conference. It will be an interesting game. Avangard are scoring a lot of goals, but we also have great forwards.

- Brandon McMillan has joined their team.

- He has strengthened their attacking game. He is a good, high-quality player.

- What needs to be done in order to stop Avangard from having joy with fast attacks?

- We have to play in a compact manner, not allowing them to organise quick attacking plays and always fighting to win the puck back. At the same time, Avangard have a solid defensive line, but we have players capable of breaking them down.

Andrei Kozyrev speaks before playing against Avangard

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