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Andrei Kuzmenko: "We will draw conclusions and move on"

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HC SKA forward Andrei Kuzmenko:

- It was a good game, both teams played well. Luck was on Dinamo Minsk's side, they managed to score one more goal than us. Yes, we lost, but nothing terrible has happened. We will draw conclusions and move on.

- Why weren't there many goals today?

- This was the fourth match of the series, both teams have improved in defence and are making less mistakes. It was a closed game today, there weren't many chances to score. It's obvious that the two teams are finding it more difficult to score as the series progresses.

- What was the key moment today?

- There wasn't a key moment. Minsk were simply luckier than us, they scored one more goal to win. Nevertheless, even after that goal, we continued playing our own ice hockey.

- How difficult will it be for SKA to clinch the fourth victory in this series?

- Our home crowd will help. We will give 100% on the ice.

Andrei Kuzmenko: "We will draw conclusions and move on"

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