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Andrei Kuzmenko and Vladislav Tsitsyura speak after winning in Sochi

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HC SKA forward Andrei Kuzmenko:

- It's great that we won, of course. However, we wanted to perform a lot better than this, we have to play at a different level across the ice in all zones. Alexander Samonov was superb in net, he kept us in the game.

- What happened in the first period?

- We didn't play at our level. In the break, we made changes, the management group pointed out what was going wrong and we began to play differently.

- You scored a hat trick today.

- For my first goal, Lukas Bengtsson and Joonas Kemppainen put together a neat play, before Vladimir Tkachyov gave me a great assist. The Sochi defensemen seemed to get lost for my second, and for the third marker I collected the rebound after Anton Burdasov had hit the post.

- Usually you make more passes instead of shooting.

- I am often told about this. Yes, I can often think too much about passing, instead I need to crash the net harder. I have good teammates who allow me to have shooting lanes. Anton and Ivan Morozov often hand me great passes.

Andrei Kuzmenko and Vladislav Tsitsyura speak after winning in Sochi

HC SKA forward Vladislav Tsitsyura:

- I heard about how Andrei said that the first period wasn't good. I can't speak about that, though, as I was the 13th forward and didn't play. From the bench, it did seem that the Sochi players came out with plenty of emotion and desire to win. It affected the flow of play. However, we had a good conversation it the dressing room in the break, we knew that we had to improve in order to win the match. We managed to turn the game around.

- What did you feel after scoring your first KHL goal?

- Nearly everyone congratulated me with the goal. You feel like you have grown wings after scoring, you compete with more confidence and everything you do on the ice seems to work. My aim is to continue being useful for our team.

- Did the coaches calm you down after scoring?

- I'm not a particularly emotional person, I reacted calmly. My head remains on my shoulders. I don't think that anyone needed to calm me down, and the coaches didn't say anything of that nature. They congratulated me with the goal when I skated to the bench.

- After hitting the target, did you take the puck?

- No, I don't pay attention to those traditions. I didn't take the puck after scoring my first goals in the MHL and VHL either. I did ask the referee to give me the puck, but he didn't hear me so I skated back to the bench as normal.

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