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Andrei Kuzmenko: "We have to be focused in the next match"

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HC SKA forward Andrei Kuzmenko:

- This the second consecutive match which we have started really poorly. We made mistakes which allowed the opponents to have a big advantage, and then we tried to recover and save the game. We have to play with more concentration. It's a difficult moment for us now, we've lost two consecutive matches. We have to work hard and play with concentration. If we do that, we will score goals. Today, if we had scored at least half of our opportunities, we would have won. In the regular season, if you lose two on the bounce, you can put things right by winning the next two. We have to show our best ice hockey against Spartak Moscow and Sochi.

- SKA are missing a lot of opportunities. Maybe you need to relax more?

- There should be a balance between being relaxed and focused. We have to find that balance, and then we'll be fine.

- Changes were made to the first two lines.

- We have a very good team, it's easy to play with anyone. We're working on our communication.

Andrei Kuzmenko: "We have to be focused in the next match"

- You were very unlucky on the powerplay today.

- The puck simply didn't go in. There was a chance for me after Kirill Marchenko hit the post, the net was empty, but the puck took an awkward bounce and I couldn't unleash a clean shot. We must be focused for the next game, we will analyse our mistakes and display our best ice hockey.

- Overall, are you pleased with the quality of the performance, despite the negative result?

- When it's a bad result, no one can speak about the performance. The main thing is the result, we want to win.

- However, it was a thoroughly enjoyable game for the fans.

- I agree that the teams focused on attack in this match, there were lots of scoring chances.

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