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Andrei Kuzmenko: "I kept in good shape during the break"

Pre-season trainingAndrei Kuzmenko
HC SKA press-service

- After a long self-isolation period, what emotions did you have when entering the Hockey City complex again?

- I've really missed playing in front of the fans, I want to be on the ice again. We haven't seen our supporters in a very long time.

- Was it tough seeing the 2019/2020 KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs end before the barely started?

- There was a feeling that we didn't complete something. However, we now have the new season coming up, we will fight on the ice.

- During self-isolation, was it difficult to keep in good shape?

- I'm actually in quite good shape. My friends have a country house, so we trained there all of the time. I even purchased artificial ice and a goal. When we returned to Moscow at the start of June, everything was starting to open again, so I managed to skate on the ice. My father is involved in ice hockey, he really helped me keep in shape.

- SKA have a lot of new players. Do you know all of them?

- Yes, we all know each other. We're looking forward to testing our strength against opposing teams.

Andrei Kuzmenko: "I kept in good shape during the break"

- What new skills did you gain during the long break?

- I have started to learn English more seriously, and I learned to play the guitar. I helped plant vegetables in the country too.

- Your expectations for the 2020/2021 campaign?

- Over the course of the last couple of years, I have struggled at the start of the season. This time, I want to break that tradition and begin the campaign well, playing with confidence and helping the team.

- Can you say a few words to SKA fans?

- All of us have really missed you! We can't wait for the new season to begin. There isn't long left now, I hope that we will make you happy with victories and that you will continue to support us brilliantly. Thank you for being with us.

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