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Andrei Kuzmenko: "One mistake decided the outcome"

CSKA MoscowAndrei KuzmenkoSKA - CSKA - 191219
HC SKA press-service

- We lost the match because of an avoidable mistake. I think that all of our upcoming games with CSKA will be closed, tense affairs. It's hard to move through the neutral zone. Of course, it was an interesting game, but we made one more mistake than them. They took advantage of their opportunity.

- Did both teams play from defence?

- The match wasn't closed because we played from defence. Both clubs wanted to win. The price of mistakes is too high, any mistake can decide the outcome of the match.

- SKA didn't shoot a lot.

- We didn't crash the net enough, although we did have chances. Yes, we could have won today, but one mistake ended the match.

Andrei Kuzmenko: "One mistake decided the outcome"

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