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Andrei Kuzmenko: "We could have performed better"

SeverstalAndrei KuzmenkoSeverstal - SKA - 291219
HC SKA press-service

- Severstal are a good team, they played really well. However, we didn't play our best game today, we lost this match ourselves. We could have got the puck on net more and played better in defence. Severstal took advantage of our mistakes. It's our own fault.

- Three of the four matches against Severstal this season went to overtime.

- They compete hard against everyone in the KHL. They have lost a lot of games by one goal, in overtime or in penalty shootouts. They deserved to beat us today.

- Are you watching the World Junior Championship?

- Yes, it's always interesting to watch junior ice hockey. At one point, you can be leading 2:0, but then the opponents can equalise within a minute. We're all supporting our players, and I wish them success. We have a strong team this year. Hopefully, they can win gold, they're certainly capable of that.

Andrei Kuzmenko: "We could have performed better"

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