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Andrei Nazarov has left SKA

Sergei ZubovAndrei NazarovIgor KalyaninAlexey Yarushkin
HC SKA press-service

Andrei Nazarov has left SKA Hockey Club. Along with Andrei's departure, assistant coach Igor Kalyanin has left too. SKA Hockey Club thank the coaches for their work with the team, and wishes them luck in their further careers.

Sergei Zubov will become the interim manager. Alexey Yarushkin will be his assistant.

SKA president Gennady Timchenko:

- In employing Andrei Nazarov, we knew that it would be a new challenge not only for him, but for the club too. It's not easy to take charge of a championship winning team and lead it to new victories. Unfortunately, SKA's results in the first half of the KHL regular season do not allow us to continue our partnership, but we are grateful for Andrei's and Igor's work in Saint Petersburg.


Sergei Aleksandrovich Zubov was born on the 22nd of July 1970 in Moscow. He was a defenceman, and won the Olympic Games and the Stanley Cup. From 2009 to 2011 he played for SKA. He became a Gagarin Cup champion in 2015 as a SKA coach.

Alexey Anatolevich Yarushkin was born on the 10th of April 1972 in Moscow. He worked as an assistant and coach with Vityaz, and also was the manager of Russkie Vityazi, Atlanty and MHK Spartak.

Andrei Nazarov has left SKA

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