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Andrei Zubarev: "We are lacking our leaders"

TorpedoAndrei ZubarevSKA - Torpedo - 041117
HC SKA press-service

- Congratulations with your penalty shot, it was great.

- Thank you. After training, we work on penalty shots for fun. The coaches gave me a chance in this match.

- Was it something you had worked on?

- Well, maybe, yes. The goalkeeper stayed on his line, I made a movement, he stood still and I had to shoot into the gaping corner.

- Why was it such a tough victory?

- All of our recent matches have been difficult. We are lacking a lot of guys, it's hard putting a team together. As you saw, those who are healthy played. First of all, we're lacking our leaders. The previous few games have lacked organisation from our part, we're losing shifts. We know what the problem is, but we need desire and time to fix it.

- Physically, do you feel fine?

- We always feel good physically.

Andrei Zubarev: "We are lacking our leaders"

- Who is taking on the role of leader?

- Everyone is to a degree.

- How did you let Torpedo level the score?

- They played their own style of game. For example, Denis Parshin moves to the middle of the ice and shoots. Any goal means that players have made mistakes. The main thing is that we eventually won on penalty shots.

- Did you expect to be called up for the Karjala Cup?

- Like any other player, you hope that you are being noticed and that you are called up to the national team. It's made me happy.

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