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Anton Belov and Viktor Antipin speak after competing against Dynamo Moscow

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA defenseman Anton Belov:

- It was an interesting game with lots of battles, it was like a playoff match. Unfortunately, this is a disappointing defeat for us. After having chances in the first period, we were a lot worse in the second, we took too many penalties. The teams waited for mistakes in the third period, before Dynamo scored in overtime. We need to draw the correct conclusions from this match, take less penalties, win more battles and get the puck to the net.

- What happened for Vadim Shipachyov's goal in overtime?

- Our task was to play closer to Vadim, not to give him opportunities to hold the puck and create. However, there is more space when it's 3-on-3 overtime, so it's not surprising that he created something.

- Why weren't there many goals today?

- It was like a playoff game, there were lots of battles and we didn't have much time to unleash attempts at goal, the teams blocked plenty of shots. We will try to get the puck to the goal more often.

Anton Belov and Viktor Antipin speak after competing against Dynamo Moscow

- You often score against Alexander Yeryomenko.

- I was waiting for this question, I've noticed this and my wife has also spoken about this fact. I don't think I have a special mindset for Dynamo Moscow, but maybe it's to do with what happened in 2012.

HC SKA defenseman Viktor Antipin:

- It was a good battle. Both teams wanted to win. However, having made a lot of mistakes in the first two periods, we lost.

- Valeri Bragin said that SKA's penalties were inexcusable.

- Yes, they came in the neutral and attacking zones. We needed to play better with our legs in those moments. The coach is right.

- SKA had two tough matches before this game. Did this affect your physical condition?

- Personally, I feel fine. Today has nothing to do with our physical condition.

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