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Anton Belov: "We are searching for the perfect game"

Anton BelovSpartak MoscowSKA - Spartak - 140918
HC SKA press-service

- It was a tough victory.

- All of the recent matches have been difficult. This year, we won't have games like in the past two seasons, everyone knows how we play and our roster has severly changed. We're searching for the perfect game.

- What happened in the first period?

- In each period, you can see where we need to improve. At the moment, we're commiting the same errors every match. Maybe we've lost confidence somewhere, but whatever the reason is, we have to continue working.

- Spartak were better at the start. Did the early goal play a part?

- We didn't have a goal of conceding. The coaches warned us that Spartak would shoot from distance, but we ended up letting them go up 1:0 and we had to make a comeback. It's good that we won.

- In the past two matches, SKA have come under real pressure from Jokerit and Spartak.

- Recently, we've done well in the first period, before problems start in the second. We lose the puck, have poor shifts and allow the opponents to stay in our zone. In the third period, we tried to play calmly.

- Is it a problem having 12 defensemen in the team?

- You simply have to show what you're capable of and be a professional. I'm not missing trainings and am sticking to the rules in place.

- You're not playing in every game. Is this hard to come to terms with?

- When I was 22, I was in the same situation with Omsk. I try to show professionalism.

Anton Belov: "We are searching for the perfect game"

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