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Anton Belov: "We will try to play our own brand of ice hockey"

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- We expected SKA and Lokomotiv to play against each other in the second round of the KHL Gagarin Cup playoffs.

- Yes, we always seem to meet. What else can I say?

- How do Lokomotiv play under the guidance of Dmitry Kvartalnov?

- They play energy-sapping ice hockey. We saw that they changed six players during their first round series with HC Sochi. We know their style of playing, and we will try to play our own brand of ice hockey. Hopefully, it will be an open series both for us, and the supporters.

- Sochi managed to win two matches in that particular series. Does that mean Lokomotiv aren't that strong?

- There are no weak teams in the playoffs, and you saw how many tough series there were in the first round. It's great for the KHL.

- Lokomotiv have a lot of young players.

- Experience can play a deciding factor in the playoffs, the smallest details decide the outcome of matches. We simply have to play our style of ice hockey. Let's see what happens.

Anton Belov: "We will try to play our own brand of ice hockey"

- Artemiy Panarin supported a rally against a new internet law in Russia. What do you think about that?

- I am not going to speak about politics.

- SKA improved during the series against Spartak Moscow.

- It's great that we were made to give our all in the first round, I think that this will help us moving forward. We need to take less penalties though, because we played on the penalty kill too often.

- Have you studied certain Lokomotiv players or the entire team?

- We are looking at all of their players. I think that every club has that tactic.

- Does it annoy you that people are looking at the standard of refereeing against SKA?

- I don't know, I haven't read anything about that. Just take a look at how often we played shorthanded, different penalties were dished out. It's obvious that referees can commit mistakes sometimes.

- Did you manage to rest in the two days off?

- Yes, we managed to sleep a lot. It was a long series against Spartak Moscow with lots of flights, so we always went to bed late.

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