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Anton Belov: "It's good that we completed the comeback"

Anton BelovSeverstalSeverstal - SKA - 261120
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HC SKA defenseman Anton Belov:

- It was a tough match, Severstal compete in a quick, aggressive manner with good counter-attacking play. The score tells you that we struggled during the first two periods, but it's good that we improved in the third to complete the comeback and win.

- How do you feel after missing so many games?

- I had to miss even more weeks after a minor surgical operation. Now I'm getting back into shape through matches and training sessions, I feel that I am being given more time on the ice with every passing game. I saw how my body felt after playing for 13 minutes in my first match back in the line-up. Games are helping me get back up to speed, you can't replace them with training sessions.

- In the past, SKA used to quickly put matches out of sight, but now you are having to make plenty of comebacks.

- It's turning out to be a very interesting season, no one is getting thrashed. There are surprise results every day, we're living in a new reality now. Nevertheless, SKA always have the aim of winning, and we have to respect all opponents. The main thing is that we won after trailing 0:2.

Anton Belov: "It's good that we completed the comeback"

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