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Anton Belov: "We felt a lot of emotion in front of our own fans"

Anton BelovNikolai Puchkov tournament
HC SKA press-service

- Did everything go as you would have wanted during this game?

- We did well in the second and third periods, however as a result of training so hard we found it hard beginning in the first. We managed to claw back a 0:2 deficit though, and kept hold of our advantage in the final stanza.

- What emotions do you have from playing inside the Ice Palace again?

- The fans support us fantastically. You saw for yourselves how everyone gave their all with lots of emotion, however because of being so pumped up we made some passing errors.

- Did you expect to see so many fans inside the arena?

- Of course! It's not news to tell you that we have lots of supporters. We are happy to see everyone at the stadium.

- Why did you let HC Sochi create so many opportunities during the first period?

- We were slightly nervous playing our first home game of the new season. This will be a special campaign for us, as being reigning champions all opponents will give everything they've got when playing against us. It will be tough.

Anton Belov: "We felt a lot of emotion in front of our own fans"

- How ready for the new season are you?

- Time will tell.

- What did Andrei Nazarov say in the dressing room? We know that he can use strong words at times.

- There weren't any raised conversations, he always manages to find the needed words even with a bit of black humour.

- Are his methods of working new for you?

- I wouldn't like to compare him to other coaches. We are all professionals, and should play well with any coach.

- Has a lot changed with the change of head coach?

- It's not only the coaching staff which has changed. We have a new squad, and we will try to build a good family.

- Alexander Barabanov has taken over Artemiy Panarin's vacant position. How is he coping?

- It's a question that you should ask the coaches. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching him. I and Maxim Chudinov often play against his line in training, and it's never easy.

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