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Anton Belov: "We always have the task of winning every game"

Anton Belov
HC SKA press-service

- The team has been training already almost a month, whereas you have only just begun. What impressions do you have so far?

- I have a bit of tiredness. Today was quite a tough day for us, as tomorrow we have another friendly game coming up. I think that we will now begin to feel more energy as time goes by, especially with such an important match against Jokerit on the 6th of August where there will be a lot of fans. Afterwards we will have a home tournament.

- While you were training, the team had already been playing a couple of friendlies. Would you have wanted to play in those matches?

- We are professionals, and should do what the coaches want us to. However, it's not that easy training in a group of five.

- This pre-season isn't easy at all. Are you having nightmares about skating around with 17 kilogram packs attached to you?

- I trained with them only two or three times, while the other guys did that more. To be honest, we have them on us only for a few minutes. You simply need to grin and bear it, and then rest.

Anton Belov: "We always have the task of winning every game"

- Do you have a set task to beat HC Severstal, or is it just another training game?

- We always need to win. This time our line-up will look slightly different, and maybe Ilya Kovalchuk and others will take part. Everyone needs game practice, and the coaches will put the line combinations together.

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