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Anton Belov: "It's great that we finished the series at home"

Anton BelovPlayoffsSKA - Lokomotiv - 220318
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- What emotions do you have after this series?

- It was a tough, energy sapping series. It's hard when you make a pass and the opponents hit you immediately afterwards, you lose strength. Nevertheless, we were ready for this, we remember how Dmitry Kvartalnov's CSKA Moscow played a couple of years ago. It's great that we won, we have time to rest and prepare for the next round.

- Did you think about finishing the series today?

- Yes. We didn't want to travel to Yaroslavl again, it's difficult for us and the staff. You probably don't know just how many things we take with us on road trips in the playoffs, it's a huge task for the team staff. It's great that we finished it at home.

- You missed a few matches. How difficult was it to play again after a break?

- It was hard in today's first period. When you're competing in every match, it doesn't matter if you have 15, 20 or 25 minutes of ice time, but it's tough on the legs after a break. However, overall, it was fine.

- Was the decision fair?

- I won't comment on that. I accepted the Disciplinary Committee's decision.

Anton Belov: "It's great that we finished the series at home"

- Did you have a lot of emotions for this match?

- It's hard to watch from the sidelines, I was really nervous when watching. On the other hand, I had a chance to watch how the opponents play from a better position, I studied how Lokomotiv played.

- After playing in Yaroslavl, did you train how to fight?

- We want to play ice hockey. All of our guys can stand up for themselves, there's no problem there.

- Would you like to play against either CSKA Moscow or Jokerit in the next round?

- Everyone is waiting for CSKA Moscow and discussing this series. Neither team will be easy to play against, we will prepare.

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