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Anton Burdasov: "We played a lot simpler and got the result"

Anton BurdasovSeverstal - SKA - 310815
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- What emotions do you have after scoring the winning goal?

- They're positive. We will have a day off tomorrow to rest. If we talk about my winning goal, then the team tried hard and kept a clean sheet.

- How would you rate Mikko Koskinen's performance?

- Super.

- Did you get a boost when told that you were going to play in the first line?

- I felt the coach's trust. I was given a chance, and it means that I need to take advantage of it. I think that Evgeny Artyukhin and Ilya Kablukov have done well too.

- Why didn't you give Vadim Shipachyov a special celebration in honour of his daughter? Did you forget?

- No. we'll do that now.

- Will SKA improve in the attack after this win?

- We played a lot simpler in this match, and straight away we have the desired result. I think that we will keep on playing this way.

- How have Severstal changed since the Nikolai Puchkov tournament?

- They were looking over players at that tournament, and today they had their main squad playing. I think that they will give their fans something to cheer about this year.

Anton Burdasov: "We played a lot simpler and got the result"

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