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Anton Burdasov and Andrei Kuzmenko speak after beating Amur

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HC SKA press-service

HC SKA forward Anton Burdasov:

- You scored two goals from both of the two faceoff circles today. Had you practiced this in training sessions?

- We have a lot of combination plays, but we haven't shown all of them yet. We will continue improving.

- The faceoff circle is referred to as Alexander Ovechkin's office. Can we say the same about you?

- No, I can't even be compared to such a great player!

- Following Vladimir Tkachyov's departure, the responsibility is on you and Andrei Kuzmenko to lead the team in attack.

- I think that we have a lot of guys here who can lead the team.

- SKA will next host Salavat Yulaev Ufa on Thursday. What can you say about the Bashkir club?

- They are top-level opponents, it will be a really good test for us. During the short break in games, we had prepared well for Ufa, we should be fully ready for the battle. We've been working on our physical shape.

Anton Burdasov and Andrei Kuzmenko speak after beating Amur

HC SKA forward Andrei Kuzmenko:

- You dished out three assists against Amur. How important is this for you? Or would you have rather scored three goals instead?

- I think that everyone loves to score! However, the main thing is to help the team. It doesn't matter if you score, make an assist or create opportunities, we simply have to be useful. We're playing well as a line now, we have chemistry. Nevertheless, we have to continue improving!

- Amur have changed their coaching staff and haven't started the season well. However, they gave SKA a serious challenge in the first period.

- Yes, they played well, but as our head coach said, we struggled in the first period as a consequence of having not participated in matches for four days. We also have to take into account that Amur's players wanted to prove their potential to the new coaches.

- You already have 10 assists in just eight KHL matches this season. What has changed for you?

- Nothing! Maybe the opponents are playing differently, I'm just trying to give my teammates good passes which will allow them to score. It's harder to score than make an assist!

- Following Vladimir Tkachyov's departure, the responsibility is on you and Anton Burdasov to lead the team in attack.

- Everyone in the team is capable of being the leaders, all of our four lines can make the difference on the ice.

- Salavat Yulaev lost to Severstal in Cherepovets. Does this make them even more dangerous for Thursday?

- In any case, we will compete against them will full focus. Salavat are top opponents, they've beaten everyone except Severstal so far, they have an excellent team and it will be a fascinating game. We can't wait for it to start!

- SKA travelled to this match on an electric bus.

- This part of a great initiative concerning ecology, it's nice that the club got involved with the project.

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