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Anton Burdasov and Linden Vey speak after beating Avangard

Anton BurdasovLinden VeySKA - Avangard - 261020
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Anton Burdasov and Linden Vey speak after beating Avangard

HC SKA forward Anton Burdasov:

- It was a good match. After having been able to rest, we came out with energy and desire. We had recovered really well across the last four days. We were a united group today, following the game plan in the process. We will continue working.

- After the last game with Avangard, Bob Hartley said that this is a Gazprom Derby. It seemed that it was a special match for SKA today.

- We want to win against all top opponents. Everyone knows that we have struggled after the epidemic we had, we could barely breathe on the ice in previous matches. However, as this game proved, that is behind us now. We want to play our style of ice hockey and dominate across the ice.

- Were you surprised by Emil Galimov's performance?

- He always works really hard, it's clear to see how much he has missed playing. His line partners were great too.

- How do you feel after missing the last match?

- Physically I feel perfect today. I missed the Spartak Moscow game because of injury, but the doctors made sure that I was ready for Avangard.

- Speak about your powerplay goal.

- We've been working hard on our powerplay. The main thing is to continue trying, even when things don't go your way. The coaches are always analysing our performances on video. We listen to their advice and subsequently implement it on the ice. We have been spending a lot of time on our special teams.

- Evgeny Ketov and Alexei Emelin, both experienced players, received 5+20 penalties in the first period.

- Both teams were full of desire, no one wanted to lose. Evgeny and Alexei were too rough in their challenges. We played for our captain today, as to make sure that he wasn't made to blame in the event of a negative result.

- After recovering from illness, can we say that SKA are going through another pre-season again?

- No, we had undertaken a lot of work during the summer. I hadn't worked so hard in pre-season before. After recovering from our illness, the tests showed that our physical state was good, but we struggled to breathe on the ice and didn't have energy. However, that is now in the past and we will continue to improve.

HC SKA forward Linden Vey:

- This was one of our better games. In the third period, we came out and found a way to win in the end.

- In comparison to the first match against Avangard in Balashikha, what did you change this time?

- We played more of a team game. Last time we had a really bad start against Avangard, I think that they were up by three goals in the early stages. It's always tough to come back when you go down by such a margin. However, our goalkeeper played really well today, and we gained momentum after killing a five-minute penalty.

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