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Anton Burdasov and Nikita Gusev speak after the sixth match against CSKA

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HC SKA forward Anton Burdasov:

- In game four, you scored a great solo goal. Why hasn't that happened since?

- The main thing is the victory of our team, not my goals. If I have the chance, then I will try to do the same thing again. Nevertheless, CSKA Moscow are very strong in defence, it's not an easy thing to do. Ice hockey is a game of mistakes, their defenseman committed an error for my goal in the fourth match of the series.

- There were barely any penalties today. Do you like it when the referees allow for play to continue?

- It depends on the decisions made by the referees. It's a good thing that all four lines received the same amount of time on the ice.

- In the third period, CSKA managed to intercept passes towards you when SKA were competing on the powerplay.

- It's not easy for us to make accurate passes through their sticks and legs, they have studied how we play on the powerplay. We need to do something new.

Anton Burdasov and Nikita Gusev speak after the sixth match against CSKA

- You have a lot of young guys in the team. Have you been giving them extra motivation in the dressing room?

- Yes, they are young, but they fully understand the situation which we are in. The fact we are going to play a seventh match shows that two strong teams are competing against each other. The reason behind this result today? We made one more mistake than CSKA.

HC SKA forward Nikita Gusev:

- Your one-timer was stopped by the opposing goalkeeper in the third period.

- It was a good chance, I needed to take advantage of it. There aren't many clear opportunities in this series, we have to make use of them.

- What does game seven mean for you?

- It's similar to the final of the Olympic Games. Everything is vital, we have to play with emotions while understanding the situation and what we need to do. There are no excuses in game seven. You have to give everything and a little bit more.

- Given that you will host the seventh match in Saint Petersburg, how can you make sure you won't feel too pumped up?

- The game will start at 0:0, we must work from the first to the last minute of play. Hopefully, everything will be fine.

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