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Anton Burdasov: "We are playing better with every game"

Anton BurdasovJokeritSKA - Jokerit - 250915
HC SKA press-service

- You had a fantastic match today.

- Thanks go to my teammates, it's great to play with such players.

- The team is starting to enjoy its hockey again. Is this really the case?

- Yes. The coach has wanted us to play like this. Now we are beginning to understand what the coaches want from us better, and I think that everyone can see that we are playing better with every game.

- Jokerit were provoking Ilya Ezhov. Was it hard to keep control of your emotions?

- Ilya is strong psychologically. Even when CSKA's goaltender tried to fight with him in the previous game he kept calm.

- The second period was probably the team's best of the season so far.

- We have been working hard. Luck came to us.

- Almost every game you have been scoring.

- I have more playing time now, the coach trusts me and I need to not let him down. My teammates are brilliant, most of them play for the Russian national team.

Anton Burdasov: "We are playing better with every game"

- Do you feel Andrei Nazarov's support?

- You always know when the coach believes in you, everything has become a lot calmer. I have confidence.

- Are you ready to replace Artemiy Panarin in Vadim Shipachyov's and Evgeny Dadonov's line?

- It's hard to replace Artemiy.

- So far it's going well though.

- I don't know. We've only played around thirteen games, everything will become clear in the future.

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