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Anton Burdasov: "We found the strength to turn the game around"

Anton BurdasovSalavat YulaevSKA - Salavat Yulaev - 161120
HC SKA press-service

HC SKA forward Anton Burdasov:

- It was a good performance from both Salavat and SKA, I think that everyone who watched this match either at the stadium or on television enjoyed it. Two technical teams competed against each other. It's good that we found the strength to turn it around.

- You used to play for Salavat Yulaev in the past. Did you think about that today?

- This isn't the first time when I've been in this situation. I treated it as a normal match. Yes, I have a lot of friends in Ufa, but I prepared for a usual game.

- SKA were faster than Salavat for long periods of the match. Did you want to put physical pressure on Ufa?

- We always try to play in a fast manner, with five players attacking and five players defending. We play like this against all opponents.

- Only former Salavat players scored for SKA in this game.

- We didn't speak about that. As I have already said, we prepared for a normal match. We always want to win.

- How did you support Mikhail Berdin after the strange first goal which he conceded?

- Mikhail is a professional, such goals shouldn't affect his performance level. To be honest I didn't see the goal, other players were standing in front of me on the bench. I'll watch it later.

Anton Burdasov: "We found the strength to turn the game around"

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