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Anton Burdasov: "We will try to keep on playing like today"

Anton BurdasovMetallurg MagnitogorskSKA - Metallurg Mg - 111215
HC SKA press-service

- Why have SKA played so well in these previous two matches?

- First of all, we played well in attack.

- What went well in the opponent's zone?

- Maybe these teams were more attack minded than Neftekhimik and Traktor. These matches were fast and interesting for the fans. I think that they looked good on television too.

- Did you put special focus on the fact that it was SKA's final home game of 2015?

- No, not at all. We just knew that we needed to finish the year in the Ice Palace well.

- What did you enjoy most: how you played with your line matches, or how the team performed as whole?

- How the team played. Everyone is doing their job.

- What has changed within the team during these eight matches?

- Even when we were losing, we knew that we would find our game. We have all been positive, there have been no negative emotions. We support each other, and the coaches even joke with us. Our improved friendly atmosphere has made the results, and we will try to keep on playing like we did today.

Anton Burdasov: "We will try to keep on playing like today"

- What was the key moment of today's game?

- For me, it was when Steve Moses scored his penalty shot when we were on the penalty kill. We had trouble when playing four minutes a man down.

- Do you think Sergey Mozyakin will catch Boris Mikhaylov's record? He needs 19 more goals?

- To be honest, I don't know. I personally enjoyed how our team played. We congratulated each other, and not Sergey Mozyakin. Nevertheless, he is a very good player and I think that he is a model example. Everyone should try to play like he does.

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